Serventi, Zumstein, Sanker, Sterrett and related Family Histories

Wisner, Cuming Co., NE



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lummel, Andrew  28 Oct 1881Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I66
2 Lummel, Anna  29 Jan 1884Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I67
3 Lummel, Catherine  18 Apr 1889Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I70
4 Lummel, Jakob  30 Jul 1875Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I62
5 Lummel, Joseph  31 Jul 1878Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I64
6 Lummel, Margaret  2 Sep 1886Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I68
7 Lummel, Maria J  4 Apr 1877Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I63
8 Lummel, Peter  14 May 1891Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I71
9 Lummel, Philip  16 Nov 1879Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I65
10 Thompson, Roger William  25 Dec 1915Wisner, Cuming Co., NE I2003