The following narrative was taken from an email letter from Twilia Sisco to Bob Serventi dated January 29, 2002.

Allen Franklin Henry, born Jan. 23, 1872, moved to Pittsburgh were he met and married Bertha Simpson Fullick on July 18, 1896. Bertha was born May 19, 1875 in Bretton, Yorkshire County, England. Per her birth certificate she was registered as Bertha Simpson daughter of Margaret Alice Simpson but no father was listed on the birth certificate. Margaret Alice Simpson married Charles Albert Fullick on May 22, 1875. Since the birth was not registered until August 17,1875 and Charles Albert Fullick was not named as the father, he may not be Bertha's father.

Allen and Bertha had a large family and seemed to have moved around within Washington County. In 1900 they were in South Fayette Township in the village of Sturgeon. This is also the vicinity that Margaret Alice and Charles Albert Fullick lived. Allen's occupation on the census was listed as a laborer in oil wells and they lived in a rented home. At the time they had two daughters Sylvia Grace 2 and Alice O. 4 months.

On the 1920 census the recap was as follows: Alan F. age 45 railroad worker, Bertha age 43 waitress in restaurant, Grace A. 21, Alice O. 20, Mildred M. 18, Sarah M. 16, Wilda B. 13, Robert Allen 10, William Asher 8, Florence 5, Twylia Olga 3 and Alvin B. age 2. Alvin, even though he was listed as their son, was in actuality their grandson. Alice was his mother. Everyone was able to read and write and Wilda, Robert and William were all still in school.

On April 9, 1921, for reasons that may never really be known, Allen killed Bertha and attempted to commit suicide at the same time. This was shocking enough at the time to have impacted the town in such a way as to cause the story to be placed on the front page of the newspaper anytime there was any development for the next five months. Allen Henry spent approximately 18 years in the Western Pennsylvania Penitentiary in Pittsburgh

Twylia Sisco claims this event could possibly be traced back to a hereditary disease that runs in this branch of the Henry family. It is called KERATOSIS FOLLICULARIS or also it is known as DARIER'S DISEASE after a French dermatologist from 1856-1938. It is a rare hereditary condition characterized by veracious papular growths that coalesce into plaques of various sizes on the scalp, face, neck, trunk and axillae. It is also known that this disease has a 50% chance of being passed down if a parent has it but almost no chance if neither parent has it.

It is known that Allen and at least three sisters; Vine (Livinia), Matilda and Chrissy (Clarissa) had this condition. They inherited this disease from Levi Hays Henry, their father.

Following the murder the family was split up. The older girls were on their own. The younger children were taken to the Washington County Children's Home. Ernest Fullick, Bertha's Brother, and his wife though never legally adopted raised Florence. Alvin, Alice's son was taken from her and placed with the Petticord family and he eventually became an ordained minister. Twylia Olga born October 18, 1918 in Rochester, Pa in the Hospital (the author of most of this account of the Henry family) was formally adopted by Adolph (Audie) and Valerie Eichel and raised in Midland, Pa. She did not know any of what happened as she was 4 years old and her earliest memories is waving goodbye from the back of a streetcar. The adoption records were sealed until all parents were dead. Her adoptive parents had been dead for a few years but it wasn't until Allen Henry died that her brothers and sister could have the adoption records opened. Her brother Bill found her on Aug 25, 1942 who then took her to meet Alice and on the following Sunday she met Bob for the first time. By this time she had married James Sisco and was living in Shippingport having already a sizable family in that she had already had 6 sons of which 3 had survived and was 7 months pregnant with another.

Grace married Earl Sheets in June of 1920 and made their home with her parents for a short time. They had two sons George and Edwin. Following Earl Sheet's death, Grace married Mr. Pugh and they had two children Robert and Alana. Robert was in the Foreign Service department of the state department of United States Government. He worked in many capacities until eventually becoming the deputy chief mission in Beirut Lebanon in 1984. After the bombing of the embassy in 1984 in which he pulled the ambassador out of the rubble to safety, he was named the U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania and later named the U.S. Ambassador to Chad. It was shortly after this that tragedy struck his family. His wife Bonnie was flying home to their daughters wedding when terrorists blew up the plane she was on. This happened on September 26, 1989. It was the French airline UTA flight 712 a DC-10 with 157 passengers and a 14-member crew. It exploded above the Tenere desert in Niger in Africa. The Muslim terrorist group called the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. Later another group called the Chadian Resistance claimed responsibility. They claimed it was part of a campaign to rid Africa of "all military colonial forces". Following the death of Bonnie, Robert resigned from the Foreign Service. He has since remarried and is living in Virginia.

Alana had an acclaimed singing voice and recorded many records of Christian music. She lived in California and recently died of cancer.

Alice married Andrew Herring and they had a daughter Evelyn who married Walter Wolfe. Evelyn and Walter have three daughters Lynn, Debbie and Valerie.

Mildred married James Pussel children James, Jessie, Bertha, Robert, Donald, William and Agnes. Jessie is the mother of Donald Henry who was then adopted by Mildred's' brother Bob and his wife Adelaide. Donald has married and has twin daughters Lori and Lisa. Lisa married in May 1966 to Brian Wilson.

Sarah married Henry Lumbley. Their children are Bertha, Anne Mary, William, Donald, Howard, Emma Jean and David.

Wilda married? Jobe. Nothing more is known except they had lived in Waynesburg, Pa in Washington County and she died in 1984.

Robert married Adelaide? They adopted Donald, Jessie Passel's son, and their daughter Judy was born Dec. 14, 1942. Bob died June 6, 1994.

Florence was raised by her mother's brother Ernest Fullick but never formally adopted. They had lived in the Waynesburg area. She married a Forshey or something very similar to that. She never had much contact with her brothers and sisters it appears and this may have been her decision or Ernest's. Little is known about her but word has been received that she is dead. When or how is unknown.

Adolph and Valerie Eichel adopted Twylia Olga Henry at which time her name was changed to Katherine Louise Eichel. Adolph and Valerie were born in Pa of German Ancestry. He was the son of Jacob Eichel and Jacob was the son of Wilomena (Minnie) (Wagoner) Eichel. Adolph was called Otto and Augie with Augie being the most common. He worked for Crucible Steel in Midland as a purchasing agent. Even throughout the Depression, he worked the entire time. They lived in a large roomy house in Midland that was company owned and even their dog had an easy time during the depression. While some people could not find food, work or shelter, their dog enjoyed ground meat (hamburger) for his meals. This will give some idea was to how comfortable a time its owners enjoyed while much of the country had much less. She married James Wesley Sisco on July 14, 1934 and eventually had 11 children, nine sons and two daughters. James Charles, Adolph, Martin Robert, Thomas Robert, Walter Joseph, Edward David, William Henry, Katherine Louise, Thomas Robert, Twylia Marietta and an infant boy.

James born Oct 25, 1934 in East Liverpool, Ohio hospital. Joined the air force after graduation in 1953 and married the sister of an Air Force buddy. Emma Jean (Lucy) Lethco of Rural Retreat, VA. They married in England in Sept. 1958. Their children are Steven, Cynthia, James and Richard. Steve married? who had children from a prior marriage. Cindy has a daughter Jennifer with John MacDonald. Jimmy married Laura and they have two sons Christopher and Timmy and a daughter Rebecca. Ricky to date has not married.

Adolph born April 1, 1936 in Midland, Pa. at home - died April 2 1936 cause bleeding of the lungs. He was a hemophiliac.

Martin born January 30, 1937 in Midland, Pa. at home - died August 21, 1937 cause pneumonia.

Thomas Robert born Jan 19, 1938 in East Liverpool, Ohio in the hospital - died same day was an 8-month term baby and died of lung hemorrhaging, as he was also a hemophiliac.

Walter Joseph, born September 17, 1939 in Shippingport, Pa. At home - died June 6, 1984 in a motor vehicle accident. He married Rosemarie Duzack in June 18, 1966. They had three children. Eugene Leo, Tammy Rose and Mark Steven. Eugene b. Aug 21, 1968 is the father of Brittany Rose b. Aug 12, 1991. Tammy b. Nov 8, 1970 is the mother of Janette Ann b. Sept 11, 1989 and Krystal Rose Marcum b. June 17, 1993.

Edward David born October 28, 1941 in Shippingport, Pa. at home - never married and no children. Edward is a borderline hemophiliac.

William Henry born November 3, 1942 in Shippingport, Pa. at home - died November 11, 1943 from Impetigo.

Katherine Louise born March 28, 1944 in Shippingport, Pa. at home delivered by her father. Married Charles Arthur Marshall July 23, 1960. They had two sons and a daughter.

James Wesley b. July 29, 1961 married Erica whom he met while stationed in the Army in Germany. She had three daughters from a prior marriage Sonya, Helga and Nicole. Together they had another daughter Katherine Louise and a son James.

Mary Louise b. September 28, 1962 has not married, She had a son Christopher who was a normal infant but something happened just about the time he was about to start talking and walking. No one knows what but he was diagnosed and treated for a long time for cerebral palsy. Shortly before his death other medical opinions were not so sure that he had been properly diagnosed but no final determination was ever made as to the nature of the real problem.

Charles Arthur b. November 1968 - Missy and Charlie have two sons C.J. and Randy and 3 daughters Angel, Brandy and Heather having lost a daughter Ashley in a house fire. Katherine and Charles divorced and she later married and divorced William Clark. They had no additional children.

Thomas Robert, born May 8, 1946 in Midland, Pa in the Reemes' house. The Reemes were neighbors of Katherine Eichel Sisco before her marriage and longtime friends of the family. Thomas joined the Navy in 1963 and while stationed in Norfolk Va. met and married Jim's wife, Lucy's sister Buena Kay Lethco. Unfortunately this marriage was doomed from the start. Tom was not mature enough and whether Buena Kay was or not is unknown. Tom had to ship out with the Navy and he never went back after only two weeks of marriage. They finally divorced in 1978 and Tom then married Teena Davis with whom he had been living for several years. Again it did not last and Tom moved on to Kathleen Jeffries who bore him a son Thomas Robert Sisco Jr. on Oct 27, 1982. Although they never married when they decided to go their separate ways the state of Ohio made them go through a divorce since they had a child. They both wanted custody of Tommy and were awarded joint custody.