The Mulcahy Family came to America from Cork County, Ireland. According to the declarations in his Naturalization papers, Michael Mulcahy was born in 1838. After his father died Michael's mother, his brother Maurice and two sisters all moved to Rochester, New York to be near Michael's mother's brother. Michael grew up in Rochester and in the summer of 1856 he married Margaret O'Donnell, b. 8 Sept. 1835. After their marriage Michael and Margaret moved to Pardoe, PA. Margaret O'Donnell came to America with her widowed father, John, two brothers and sister from Tipperary, Ireland in the mid 1800's. They also settled in Rochester, NY where there was a large Irish settlement (many working on the Erie canal). When Michael Mulcahy and Margaret moved to Pardoe her father, who had remarried, came also.

Much of the following information is from accounts written in the summer of 1981 by Eileen Mulcahy Long, granddaughter of Michael Mulcahy. Additional information was supplied by Paula Pitts, descendant of Eva McKnight, daughter of Mary Ann Mulcahy.

Michael Mulchay bought a small farm in Pardoe, PA, which is about 60 miles due north of Pittsburgh, PA. He also worked on the railroad to supplement the income he needed to support his large family of twelve children - 7 boys and 5 girls. He lived and worked in Pardoe until his death and burial there 19 Aug. 1903. Margaret d. 23 Aug. 1909 and is also buried in Pardoe.

Maurice Mulcahy, b.6 Oct. 1857 d. 20 Feb. 1916, was the first son of Michael and Margaret. His first wife was Ellen Weil, who died giving birth to their third child, who also died. After her death Maruice moved to San Francisco, CA but continued to send support to his parents who cared for his first two children, Mary and John. After moving West Maruice married Eva Mosbacher from Yolo County, CA. Their sole daughter, Eileen married Dr. Clifford Long, d. 1972. Their daughter, Margaret Mary, continues to live in San Francisco.

Two children of Michael and Margaret, John b. 1860 d. 1912 and Michael, b 1864 d. 1939, never married. Michael moved West before his death.

Mary Ann Mulcahy, b. 29 Apr. 1859 d. Sept. 1944, married James McKnight. Their marriage ended in divorce. They had six children.

Margaret Mulcahy, b 1862 married Peter Brown and moved to Detroit, MI. (See History of the Brown Family). They had four children. Their second daughter, Ellen Brown, b. 1884 d. 1955, married Leo Sanker (see History of the Sanker Family). Ellen and Leo had six children. Their second son, Eugene Sanker, b.1918 d. 1987, married Lucille Sterrett of Clarion, PA (see History of the Sterrett Family and Hhistory of the Guthrie Family).

Patrick Mulcahy, b 19 May 1865 d. 4 Aug. 1942, moved to California and married Mary Stanton of Yolo County. They had four children. Reba, the oldest daughter, married James Stenson. They lived in Alameda, CA. He died 1 June 1957. James Mulcahy, Reba's youngest brother, lives with her in Alameda. Virgil Mulcahy, oldest son of Patrick, married a Veronica and they had no children. Florence Mulcahy d 20 Jan. 1973, Reba's sister, married Edwin Doyle, d 15 Feb. 1967, and they had no children.

Alice Mulcahy, b 12 Dec. 1866 d. 5 May 1957, married Henry Lauterhahan in 1913. They moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she died, and had no children.

William Mulcahy, b 1866 or 1870, depending on the family source, married Hattie. They lived in Oakland, CA where he died in 1939, sometime after their divorce. They had 3 children: Lawrence, William and Louise.

Thomas Mulcahy, b 8 Oct. 1872 married Clara. He died 25 Sept. 1951 in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio. They had no children. Conneaut is on Lake Erie just west of the Pennsylvania border.

Katherine Mulcahy, b 1874, married Clyde Russell. They have no known children. After his death she moved to Los Angeles, CA to live and care for her sister Alice. Katherine d Nov. 1958 in Los Angeles.

James Mulcahy, b. 1876 d. 1930, married Anna in Alameda, CA. Anna was from Pennsylvania. They married 4 Aug. 1918, and Alice was the bridesmaid. After their first son James was born, they returned to PA. Shortly thereafter she died then James died. Their son was cared for by his aunts Alice and Kate.

The last child of this large family, Elizabeth Mulcahy, b. 3 June 1878, moved to Los Angeles, CA where she died in Sept. 1958. She married Harry Faull in PA before moving to Los Angeles in October 1910 because of his health. They had 3 children: Katherine, Harry, Jr. and Dorothy.

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