The Henrys are of English descent but it is unknown which family member originally came to America nor how that person came. According to Twylia Marietta Sisco (daughter of James Wesley Sisco and Katherine Louise Eichel Sisco Ludwick, whose birth name was Twylia Olga Henry and who compiled much of the information contained in this narrative) there is a story in the 'History of the Juniata Valley' about "a Thomas Henry, able seaman, came from England about 1670 making the voyage on the "Spotted Cow" out of London with James Brown as master. Thomas Henry quit ship in New York and later became one of the prominent men in an English colony in Ulster County. Later his descendants, as was the invariable custom of the time, drifted in Pennsylvania and established themselves as farmers" page 1251. In the same book, page 732, " for many years the Henry family has lived in Pennsylvania, The immigrant, Henry, came from England in 1668 and located first in Massachusetts afterwards going to Connecticut. His sons wandered into Pennsylvania, saw the land was fertile, the climate healthful, and decided to make here their homes. They brought with them their families and from them has sprung the present Henry family.

Thomas Henry is the earliest Henry found to date in our family line. The 1790 census lists Thomas Henry in Fermanaugh, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. This county in 1831 was split into two counties, Mifflin and Juniata. Juniata is the current county where Fermanaugh is located. The census indicated the household consisted of 1 male over 16, 3 males under age 16 and 3 females (no age breakdown). Thomas Henry was married to Dorothy (Preston) Henry. Probably the 3 males under sixteen were Thomas, William and Levy. The 3 females were probably Dorothy and 2 daughters Elizabeth and Rachel. Thomas Henry was also found on a 1792 tax list showing his taxes were paid on a tanyard that would indicate his occupation as a tanner. He owned 2 cows and 2 horses.

This Thomas Henry was also counted on the 1800 census. Per the 1800 Census his household consisted of 2 males and 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 2 males and 1 female 16-26, 1 female 26-45 and 1 male 45 and up.

The following is the contents of a letter written on Feb. 24, 1974, by a Mrs. Joseph (Mary) H. Myers of Media, PA, to the Juniata County Historical Society.

"For some time I have been trying to obtain information about a Thomas Henry and his wife Dorothy Preston. The library at Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, Delaware suggested you might have information. They were born in Chester, Pa, or Chester County, Pa. Thomas in 1755 and Dorothy in 1756. They were married in 1778 or 1779 and moved to Mifflintown shortly afterwards. The 1790 census of Mifflin Co. is divided into two parts, That part south of the Juniata River and the remainder of the County Thomas Henry is listed in the remainder of the county. Thomas Henry was a shoemaker. He lived and worked in Mifflintown until his death on July 18, 1820. They had the following children: Levi b, April 3, 1780 -- Thomas b. Sept. 20, 1781 -- Elizabeth b. Sept 10, 1783 -- Rachel b. Sept 25, 1784 -- Joseph b. Jan 18, 1788 -- William b. July 31, 1790 -- John b. April 20, 1792 -- and Sarah b. June 13, 1795. Thomas Henry served as a lieutenant with Col. William Thompson's Pa. Battalion of Rifleman; Capt. John London's (Loudon's) Company. Any information you may be able to give will be deeply appreciated."

This confirms the previous assumption that Thomas Henry must have died between 1810 and 1820 as the 1820 census listed Dorothy Henry as head of the household. Prior to 1850 only the head of the household was listed and all other family members were listed by sex and then by age ranges.

Also counted on the 1820 census was his son Thomas Henry who had his own family. This Thomas Henry was married to Jane (Porter) (Murray) Henry. She along with three children inherited 2 lots of land upon the death of her first husband, Manasa Murray, which were sold in 1827. This appears to be the approximate time that this portion of the Henry family started to migrate northwestward eventually settling in the vicinity of Clarion, Pa.

Jane was born in Ireland in approximately 1787 and then at some unconfirmed time immigrated to America. According to Ms. Sisco family legend says that Jane Murray crossed the Atlantic in steerage and the crossing took 3 months. She was brought over as a bond or indentured servant but by whom is unknown. It is very probable that she was indentured to Manasa Murray as it was not at all unusual for the indentured female to marry the holder of her indenture in order to gain her redemption/freedom. Since she would have been approximately 40 years old at the time of the sale of land in a deed recorded 9/5/1832, she would have been old enough to have a married daughter. Margaret Murray, her daughter, married in 1824 at which time Jane would have been approximately 37. The purchase of a portion of this land in 1813, alluded to by this deed, indicates she was already the widow of M. Murray and she would have been approximately 26 at that time.

In the Pennsylvania Vital Records is a list of marriages registered as having been performed by John Hutchinson V.D.M. Presbyterian Church of Mifflintown and Lost Creek. One of those is:
Aug 19, 1824 Mr. John Henry to Miss Margaret Murray. Their marriage in 1824 means they had been married 3 years at the time of the sale recorded on the deed mentioned earlier.

Per the 1810 census there are the following Henrys listed in Fermanaugh, Mifflin County, Pa.:

Thomas Henry household listed 2 males and 1 female 16-26, 1 male and 1 female 26-45 and 1 male and 1 female 45 and over.

Levy Henry listed 1 female under 10, 1 male 10-16 and 1 male and 1 female 26-45. If this is the Levi Henry that married Miss Sally Kennedy in 1808 the 1 female under 10 could be a baby but the male is not likely her son or at least not from this marriage.

William Henry listed 3 males and 2 females under 10 and 1 male and 1 female age 26-45.

The 1820 census for Fermanaugh listed a Thomas Henry household consisting of 2 females under 10, 2 males and 1 female 10-16 and 1 male and 1 female 26-45. This would be the second generation Thomas Henry with his wife Jane (Porter-Murray) Henry as the 26-45 year olds, Margaret Murray is probably the 10-16 year old and John and William Murray are probably the males 10-16, The two females under age 10 are probably babies born after their marriage.

Dorothy Henry was listed as head of the household consisting of 2 females under 10, 1 male 16-26 and herself as over 45. Probably the male was John Henry who later married Margaret Murray.

It is assumed that it was at the time of the sale of the property referenced in the deed mentioned before that Thomas and Jane Henry along with their family left the Juniata Valley and headed northwest over the mountains. It is known that they did have to go over the mountains in their move to Clarion County but it is unknown how long the move took. They may have settled first in Clearfield County. While this is unconfirmed it appears in 1830 they were counted in Pike township in Clearfield as there was a Thomas Henry and a John Henry both counted in the same area and there appears, according to Ms. Sisco, to be no other possibilities in the various census of the state where such a close match in family members and ages corresponds. The Thomas Henry household consisted of 1 male and 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15 and 1 male and 1 female 30-40.

In 1840 in Ferguson in Clearfield County again there was a Thomas Henry with a John Henry living nearby that is probably the same Thomas and John Henry families. Thomas Henrys household at that time then consisted of 2 males and 1 female under 5, 2 males under 10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 male and 1 female in the 40-50 range.

Eventually Thomas and Jane settled in Clarion County in Toby Township. On the 1850 census the members of the household are finally listed by name. They are as follows: Thomas age 68 occupation a weaver, Jane age 56, children listed were Thomas age 21 occupation a laborer. Levi age 23 also a laborer and Mary age 26. It appears that each of the children may have also used their first and second names interchangeably. Which is the first name and which is the second is unknown except for Levi who was Levi Hays Henry. Thomas/Preston and Mary/Polly are the 2 names that appear for his brother and sister. The alternate names appear on the 1860 census and while no one age matches these are still the same family members.

The 1860 census lists Hays Henry age 33 occupation farmer, his wife Sarah Males Henry age 29, and George age 7, Mary age 4 (who may be named after Levi's sister Mary/Polly), Margaret Savila age 3 (who may be named after Margaret [Murray] Henry) and Salina age 1. Also listed were Jane Henry age 73, Polly Henry age 43 and Preston Henry age 38. Family legend has it that Polly one evening went out to the dry house and the next morning she was found dead in the creek. It was ruled a suicide but the family always felt she was murdered as she was found face up on the rocks and her face was bruised as though she had been beaten. According to the History of Clarion County the only suicide was one ancient to a maiden lady named Mary Henry who drowned herself at the foot of Delo's Eddy. The approximate time was around 1864-65. Jane was still alive at this time. The family records her death as having occurred in Callensburg, Clarion County but the year is unknown.

The 1880 census lists Levi H Henry age 52 occupation farmer, Sarah age 49, William P. (Parks) age 18 farm worker, Lyda Matilda age 16, Sarah Lavinia age 12, Clarissa age 10 and Allen F. age 8. They were counted in Highland Township in Clarion County.

Sarah was the former Sarah Males, daughter of William Males of Porter Township. The Males* family on the 1850 census were listed as William age 65, Mary age 34, Adam age 24, David age 22, Sarah age 19, Jacob age 17, Lydia age 14, Henry age 12 and Isabella age 9. The only occupation listed was that of farmer for William and Adam. The five youngest were all listed as having attended school in the 1849-50 school year.

*Males is the spelling per the census but per Dorothy Young the correct spelling should be Mahles. This is supported by a map of the area in 1875 or 1877 showing the Mahles spelling. But there is no known link between Sarah Males and the Mahles who lived in the area. It is also claimed that the Males were descendants of Johann Muehl from the Gettsburg, PA area. His son Samuel settled in Butler county and his son was J. William Muehl/Miehl/Mihl/Meals/Males. The alternate spellings supposedly due to the mood swings of William. No support has been shown for these claims.

It is also claimed that J. William Males had a second wife, Maria Flick. He had several children by her: Henry, Jacob, Lydia and Sabina. At the time of this writing there is no support for this either.

The obituary for Levi Hays Henry in The Clarion Democrat on Thursday July 27,1899 states"
"Mr. Hays Henry one of Highland Township's prominent and most reliable citizens, died last Monday morning, aged about 73 years. Some weeks ago Mr. Henry was driving his horse and his eyesight being very poor, he drove the animal so that the buggy struck against a telegraph pole and upset. This frightened the horse that ran off dragging Mr. Henry some distance and injuring him so seriously that he could not recover. The deceased leaves a wife and one son and four daughters, the children all grown. The funeral took place Tuesday, the remains being interred in the M.E.Cemetary at Helen Furnace."

It is curious that the obituary states that Levi Hays left one son and four daughters. Family records indicate eleven children (four sons and seven daughters).

Upon the death of Levi Henry a portion of the 107 acres was sold to William D. Young to satisfy a debt owed by Levi. William D. Young who was married to Sarah Lavinia Henry eventually purchased the balance of the land

Sarah eventually went to live with her son George in Rising Sun, Ohio where she died in 1911.

The 1870 census listed 2 additional Henry families. Preston, 48, having married Leah, 30, and they had three children Daniel 9, Nancy 6, and Sarah 2. The other Henry family was a John Henry 40, who married Mary 35. Their children are listed as Porter 9, Annie 6, Marion (a boy) age 3 and an 8-month baby boy Orin L. Henry. Based on one of the children being named Porter this may be a Henry family that belongs in this family line.

Unfortunately tracing this family is very difficult due to the common surname that is very prevalent in Clarion County. At one point on the census for the area of Toby and Highland and Helen Furnace, these names are all interchangeable, there were three different Levi or Levy Henrys two of which had wives named Sarah. They may or may not be related as it is unknown how many of the Henrys left the Juniata Valley. Did Levy leave with his family along with Thomas and John. It appears to have been a common practice in the family to give the mothers and/or grandmothers maiden name as a first or middle name to at least one son, i.e. Preston and Porter. Thus it is possible Levi Hays Henry second name represents someone's maiden name?

In Helen Furnace, the name that most closely defines where Levi and his family lived, which is part of Highland Township, the Henrys had a large farm that in 1875 was 125 acres. Upon Levi's' death, the farm was then 107 acres, was purchased by William D. Young in two separate purchases as previously indicated. William Young married Levi and Sarah's daughter Sarah Lavinia. She was commonly called Vine and the family farm as such then became known as the Young farm. They had eleven children. Jennie born c. 1893 Sarah Estelle (Stella) born c. 1896, William Clifton (Cliff). Born c. 1896, Julia b. 1898, Rebecca Latoma born Jan 25, 1900, John B. born Sept 30, 1901, Nora B. born c. 1905, Daniel F. born c. 1908 and Dorothy E. born July 5, 1909.There was also a son Earl who lived for 14 months and a daughter Julia who lived only 82 days. They were between Nora and Daniel but unsure of the actual years. Jennie married a James Shaul and they lived on the same road as her parents out near the great road. For many years Stella, John and Dorothy lived in this home. At one point they had moved to California. John returned to the Clarion area and Dorothy brought Stella back for a birthday who decided to remain but Dorothy returned to Glendora a suburb of Los Angeles and has remained there ever since. Her household goods are in storage in Clarion since the house burned in 197?. It was a Sunday evening sometime in the Fall but before Oct 31. Stella died on John's birthday Sept. 30 1967. John returned to California where he died Aug. 1, 1971. Neither Stella, John nor Dorothy ever married. Noras' married name was Stitsinger

Clarissa (Chrissy) married George Bittenbender, from an adjacent farm, and according to one source Chrissy and two of her children contracted Anthrax disease and while Chrissy survived the two children did not. Note - according to Christina Bittenbender in corresondence with Ms. Sisco, there was not an epidemic of Anthrax and the only family affected was the Young family who lost two sons. Dan contracted Anthrax and Cliff took care of him but also contracted the disease and neither recovered. It is unknown which version of the story is accurate as the other version involving the Bittenbenders came from Dorothy Young in correspondence with Ms. Sisco.

Allen Franklin Henry, born Jan. 23, 1872, moved to Pittsburgh were he met and married Bertha Simpson Fullick on July 18, 1896. Bertha was born May 19, 1875 in Bretton, Yorkshire County, England. Per her birth certificate she was registered as Bertha Simpson daughter of Margaret Alice Simpson but no father was listed on the birth certificate. Margaret Alice Simpson married Charles Albert Fullick on May 22, 1875. Since the birth was not registered until August 17,1875 and Charles Albert Fullick was not named as the father, he may not be Bertha's father.

Allen and Bertha had a large family and seemed to have moved around within Washington County. In 1900 they were in South Fayette Township in the village of Sturgeon. This is also the vicinity that Margaret Alice and Charles Albert Fullick lived. Allen's occupation on the census was listed as a laborer in oil wells and they lived in a rented home. At the time they had two daughters Sylvia Grace 2 and Alice O. 4 months.

On the 1920 census the recap was as follows: Alan F. age 45 railroad worker, Bertha age 43 waitress in restaurant, Grace A. 21, Alice O. 20, Mildred M. 18, Sarah M. 16, Wilda B. 13, Robert Allen 10, William Asher 8, Florence 5, Twylia Olga 3 and Alvin B. age 2. Alvin, even though he was listed as their son, was in actuality their grandson. Alice was his mother. Everyone was able to read and write and Wilda, Robert and William were all still in school.

For more information about the family of Allen and Bertha Henry click on Allen F Henry Family.