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1701 Zollner Family were early pioneers and founding fathers of Mt. Angel, Oregon. They settled Mt. Angel in 1847. Zollner, Donald R. (I2522)
1702 [Benjamin Henderson Yockey & family are discussed in Chapter 5
of "Yockey Ancestors, Westmoreland County, PA" by Janet K.Warter,
1997. FHL microfilm 2056012-item 7.]

1. Yockey Family Bible - The Bible of John Yockey was also used to
record the births/marriages/deaths for the Henderson [Benjamin Henderson]
Yockey family, and it came down in this family. [This Bible is now in the
possession of my sister, a granddaughter of Clara May Yockey McKlveen.
Clara McKlveen died 28 Feb. 1914 of tuberculosis. Her 3 children were
raised by their father and their McKlveen grandparents.]

2. Page from a small book owned by Anna Mary Barnhart Yockey. This
contains a record of the birthdates of her 3 children, written in her hand.
The page has the record on one side, and the other, a hand-colored stenciled
design of two hearts & flowers, with "Anna M. Barnhart, Testament" in
the hearts. This page also came down in the family of Clara May Yockey

3. Henderson Yockey met and married Anna Mary Barnhart after the
Yockey family moved to Unity Twp. The Barnhart family lived only
a mile or less away, but in Hempfield Twp. She was one of 5 children
of John Barnhart (1822-1888) & wife Sarah Schwartz/Swartz (1827-1909).
["Barnhart Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA" by Janet K. Warter, 2001,
FHL microfilm #1425446. Chapter 3 develops the story of the parents
of Anna Mary Barnhart Yockey.]

4. The old log house on the Yockey farm may have been their first home,
shared with them by John & Elizabeth Jane Yockey, but a new wood frame
house was built on the farm a short distance away from the log house
sometime after 1876. (The new house is not shown on the 1876 Unity
Twp. map.) Henderson & Anna Mary did live in the new house later,
and it is likely that it was built by Henderson, not by John. The house
was not mentioned in the Will of John Yockey, although the farm land
went to Henderson.

5. Census records, Unity Twp.:
1880 - B.H. Yockey, 26; Anna, 27; John F., 1.
1900 - Henderson Yockey, 46; Anna M., 47; John F. 21; Howard, 19;
Clara, 17.
1910 - Henderson Yockey, 56; Annie, 56. Married 38 years, 3 children.
1920 - Henderson B. Yockey, 65; Anna Mary, 65; John F. , 42; Alice, 15;
Clara, 13; Henderson, 11; Paul, 8. [John Franklin Yockey & his 4 children
had moved back home, following the death of his wife after childbirth,
Feb. 20, 1911. Henderson & Anna Mary helped raise the children.
John F. Yockey developed cancer and died at age 42 in 1921, leaving the
children solely in the care of their grandparents.]

6. Will of Benjamin Henderson Yockey - Will Bk. 23:442. Written 17 Aug.
1923. He died 16 Sept. 1926. Gave all his "real estate, personal property,
money & bonds" to his wife as long as she lived, and then to the other
heirs. His only surviving child, Howard, was to get half the real estate, &
the other half to be divided between the 4 oldest children of his deceased
son, John F. Yockey. The 3 children of his deceased daughter Clara Mae
Yockey McKlveen were to receive $200 each, and $100 to the youngest
child of John F. Yockey [ from a second marriage that ended in
divorce.] After the death of Anna Mary Barnhart Yockey in 1935, and the
settlement of the estate, there was actually little money left to distribute
as indicated in the Will.

7. Clipping of Death notice in unidentified newspaper:
"D.H. [B. H.] Yockey, aged 73, died at 3 O'clock this morning at his home
near Sowash station, Unity township. He is survived by his widow and
one son, Howard Yockey, of New Alexandria, and three sisters...Internment
in Unity cemetery."

8. Documents pertaining to the Estate of B.H. Yockey at Westmoreland
County Courthouse:
Original Will copy - file 693 of 1926.
Inventory & Appraisment - file 693 of 1926.
Widow's Apport. - file 174 of 1926.
Transfer Apport. - file 693 of 1926.
Election under Will - file 153 N 1926.
Accounts Confirmed - file 27 N 1927
Accounts Received - file 27 N 1927

9. After the death of her husband, Anna Mary Yockey moved to Greensburg
to live with her brother, Cyrus Barnhart (unmarried) and two sisters, Susan
Barnhart (unmarried) & Emma Byerly (widowed). A public sale was held
& the household goods & farm equipment & livestock sold. After the death
of Anna Mary in 1935, the Yockey farm went to Howard Yockey, who
eventually passed it to his daughter, Anna Mary Yockey Shuey. It was
later sold and left the family. 
Yockey, Benjamin Henderson (I3905)
1703 [Clara May Yockey & family are discussed in Chapter 5 of "McKlveen
Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA" by Janet K. Warter, 1996. Available
on FHL microfilm 1598398-item 2.] 
Yockey, Clara May (I3904)
1704 [Clarence M. McKlveen & family are discussed in Chap. 5 of
"McKlveen Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA" by Janet K .Warter,
1996. Available on FHL microfilm 1598398-item 2.] 
McKlveen, Clarence Merle (I3903)
1705 [John Barnhart & family are discussed in Chapter 2 of "Barnhart
Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA: William Barnhart (1746-1823),
John Barnhart (1785-1863), John Barnhart (1822-1888), With
Marriage Connections to the Schmidt, Brinker, Schwartz & Nelich
Families" by Janet K. Warter, 2001. FHL microfilm #1425446.
Pages 25-32 + Maps, documents, photos, family data sheets.]

1. In 1825, John sold his share in the Slate Creek land of his father
to his brother, David Barnhart, (DB 24:260), and moved to a new
farm about 2 miles SE of Old Hannastown, & close to the land of
his sister Catherine Barnhart Mechling & John Mechling, and land
of his deceased brother, William Barnhart. This was 110 acres
purchased 5 Feb. 1825 from James Brady (DB 16:95-96).

2. John & his sons built & operated a steam-powered Grist Mill on
his property in the 1830's. Power supply would have been coal,
which out-cropped on his land. Location of the Mill is seen on some
early road surveys -- Roads & Bridges Docket 5:122 in 1840, R&B
Docket 6:129 in 1845.

3. Biography of his son William Barnhart (1820-1893), pp. 561-563,
"Old & New Westmoreland" by Boucher & Hedley, 1918. Indicates
that William operated the Mill in later years. The 1867 landowner map
of Hempfield Twp. shows the Mill on land then owned by William.

4. After the death of Elizabeth Brinker Barnhart in 1845, John remarried
in 1847 to Susannah Nelich Schwartz, a widow with grown children.
Susannah's daughter Sarah Schwartz/Swartz later married John
Barnhart's son, also named John. [See notes for this son]

5. Family background of Elizabeth Brinker (1st wife) is developed
in Appendix III of "Barnhart Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA" by
Janet K. Warter, 2001. 28 pages.

6. Family background of Susannah Nelich (2nd wife) is developed
in Appendix IV of "Barnhart Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA" by
Janet K. Warter, 2001. 5 pages.

7. Will of John Barnhart, WB 4:445. Written 21 Feb 1860. Divided
his farm between 3 sons - John, Philip & William. Solomon got a
separate farm which his father had purchased for him in 1851
(DB 32:432).

8. John and his two wives were buried at the Old German Cem., but
later moved to Union Cemetery, where their stones can now be found.

9. Birth/baptism records for the the children of John & Elizabeth
(Brinker) Barnhart are from the "German Church Records of
Westmoreland Co., PA" by Paul Miller Ruff.

10. Census records, Hempfield Twp. --
1860 - John Barnhart 76, farmer; Susan 60.
Living with them were his son John & family: John Barnhart 38; Sarah 33;
Susan E. 11, Cyrus N. 9, Anna M. 7, Sophia E.. 5, Edgar f. 2. Also his son
Philip Barnhart 32, farmer. 
Barnhart, John (I3644)
1706 [John Barnhart, Jr. & family are discussed in Chapter 3 of "Barnhart
Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA: William Barnhart (1746-1823),
John Barnhart (1785-1863), John Barnhart (1822-1888), With
Marriage Connections to the Schmidt, Brinker, Schwartz & Nelich
Families", by Janet K. Warter, 2001. FHL microfilm #1425446.
Pages 33 to 42, plus maps, documents, photos, family data sheets.]

1. John married Sarah Schwartz, daughter of Susannah Nelich Schwartz
Barnhart, on 7 Apr. 1848, about 8 months after the marriage of the
widowed Susannah to the widower John Barnhart, Sr.

2. The ancestors of Sarah Schwartz Barnhart are discussed in Appendix
IV of "Barnhart Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA", cited above. Little
is known of the Schwartz family, but Nelich/Neligh/Neleigh family data
is given.

3. "First Reformed Church, United Church of Christ, Greensburg,
Westmoreland County, Part I - Parish Records, 1819-1876" , by Paul
Miller Ruff, 1996. Has baptism records for the 5 children.

4. US Census, 1860 - Hempfield Twp., shows John & Sarah with 5
children, living in the same home with his father, John Barnhart,Sr.
(76 yrs.) & Susan (60 yrs.)

5. After the death of John, Sr. in 1863, John inherited the portion of
the home farm which contained the house & barn, with 108 acres of
land. His brothers William & Philip Barnhart lived on adjacent portions
of the farm which they inherited, William running the Steam Grist Mill,
and Philip farming. (See notes for John Barnhart, Sr., their father.)
Susannah continued to live with John & Sarah, where she appears with
them in the 1870 census, age 71. (She was not with them in 1880,
although she did not die until 1881. Susannah is buried at Union Cem.,
with John,Sr. & his first wife Elizabeth, and beside John & Sarah).

6. In 1874, John bought the Steam Grist Mill & 66 acres from his
brother William Barnhart (Deed Bk. 80:179). William moved to Mt.
Pleasant. (This property was later Willed to Edgar F. Barnhart.)

7. US Census, 1880 - Hempfield Twp --
John Barnhart 57, farmer; Sarah 53. Shows 4 children still living
at home: Susan E. (30 yrs.), Cyrus M. (28 yrs.), Emma S. (23 yrs.),
Edgar F. (22 yrs.) Anna Mary was married to Benjamin Henderson Yockey,
and living nearby in Unity Twp.

8. Will of John Barnhart - Will Bk. 8:24-25. Written 12 May 1888,
codocil added 16 June 1888. Proved 27 July 1888. He died 1 July
1888, age 66.

9. After the death of John, the farm passed by Will to the oldest son,
Cyrus Neligh Barnhart, who continued to live there with his mother
Sarah for many years. Cyrus never married, nor did Susanna Barnhart.
Susanna & her sister Emma received by Will a house & lot on Maple
Ave., Greensburg, plus money. Anna Mary Barnhart Yockey received
$4000.00. Edgar received the Grist Mill property, purchased in 1874.
Both sons were to pay a certain amount of money to their sisters.

10. Cyrus sold the rights to the coal deposits under the farmland in 1900
& 1910, and moved to Greensburg, where he lived at 315 S. Maple Ave.
His sister, Susanna Barnhart, lived at 405 S. Maple, close by. He sold
the homestead farm in 1917 to Simon Peter Kuhns (DB 607:22).

11. See notes for John Barnhart (1785-1863) for more info on this
Barnhart farm. 
Barnhart, John (I3621)
1707 [See notes for her father, John Barnhart (1822-1888), and husband,
Benjamin Henderson Yockey.] 
Barnhart, Anna Mary (I3906)
1708 [See notes under her husband, Jacob Brinker] Barnhart, Elizabeth (I3675)
1709 [See notes under John Franklin Yockey] Ross, Virginia Pearl (I3647)

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