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151 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

Some sources for Henry Brinker & Margaret Wise/Weiss:
1. Revol. War Pension records, File #5307, Vol.M, p.43, 1834.
2. Land records -- see sources for his father, Jacob Brinker.
3. "Brinker Family Tree", chart by Wesley Robinson, Greensburg,
PA, 1970.
4. Admin. of estate of Henry Brinker, Sr., Unity Twp.
Letters of Admin. to Jac. Rugh & Adam Fisher, Ad A:371, 1845.
Orphans Court documents -- OC 3:303; OC 3:337; OC 3:362, 1847-49. 
Brinker, Henry (I3766)
152 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

Sources for Andreas (Andrew) Brinker & Barbara Leatherman
1. Westmoreland Co. land warrant, 23 Nov. 1784 - 140 acres "on waters of
Sewickly". This was in Mt. Pleasant Twp.
2. Westmoreland Co. Deed Book 2:153-154, 20 acres purchased in 1795.
3. Direct Tax List (window Tax) of 1798. He is on A & B list.
4. "German Church Records of Westmoreland Co., PA", Vols. 1&2, by Ruff.
Has baptisms of 7 children born in Westmoreland Co. from 1786 to 1802.

Andreas Brinker sold his land in Westmoreland Co. about 1806, and moved
with his children to Salem Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio. Since Andreas was
a Revolutionary War veteran, he may have been entitled to land there. 
Brinker, Andreas (I3107)
153 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

Sources for George Brinker:
1. Named in the Will of his father, Henry Brinker.
2. Census of 1782, Frederick Co. VA (in US Census Index for VA).
3. "Abstracts of Wills, Invent., Admin. Accts. of Frederick Co., Va 1743-1800", King, 1982, p. 36:
Will of George Brinker, 1785. 
Brinker, George (I3042)
154 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

Sources for Henry Brinker:
1. Named in the Will of his father, Henry Brinker (1722-1772).
2. "Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, 1775-1783", John H. Gwathmer, 1973.
3. Microfilmed Revolutionary War Pension Records -- received pension in 1832.

Military service, according to the above sources:
a. Appointed as Ensign in 1779, took oath 2 May 1780 as Ensign in Frederick Co. VA Militia.
b. Was promoted to Liet.
c. Received a veteran's pension in 1832, age 71, while living in Springfield, Hampshire Co., VA. 
Brinker, Henry (I3040)
155 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

The Brinker ancestors of Elizabeth Brinker Barnhart are discussed in
Appendix III of "Barnhart Ancestors, Westmoreland Co., PA", by
Janet K. Warter, 2001. FHL microfilm #1425446. Pages 1-28 + maps,
documents, family data sheets, in Appendix III.

[See notes for her husband, John Barnhart; father, George Brinker;
grandfather, Jacob Brinker; gr.grandfather, Andreas Brinker.] 
Brinker, Elizabeth (I3643)
156 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

WEISS is often spelled WISE in descendants. 
Weiss, Margaretha (I3773)
157 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

Will of Buena Vista Brinker Shivler: Westmoreland Co. Will Bk. 7:168, 1884. 
Brinker, Buena Vista (I3217)
158 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes for Margaret under both husbands, George Brinker & Jacob Bankester] 
Bowman, Margaret (I4119)
159 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes under Frank McKlveen] 
Bushyeager, (Twin) Maria Jane (Minnie) (Twin) (I3624)
160 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes under Henry Wm. Griffith] 
Barnhart, Emma Clarissa (I3714)
161 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes under her husband, and son John H. Brinker] 
Newingham, Susannah (I3213)
162 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes under Ira H. Gress] 
Brinker, Anna Mary (I4140)
163 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE

[See notes under Philip Naley Bushyeager] 
Brinker, Harriet Elizabeth (I3400)
164 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE McDonald, Archibald (I2505)
165 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE McDonald, May (I2508)
166 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE McDonald, John (I2545)
167 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE McDonald, Alexander (I2598)
168 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE McDonald, Archibald (I2711)
169 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Laubinger, Catherine (I2712)
170 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Barmar, Frances (I2723)
171 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Roberts, Polly (I2724)
172 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Larrick, George (I2725)
173 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Kreutzberger, Anna Catherine (I2903)
174 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Mildred (I2962)
175 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Elizabeth (I2993)
176 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Bowman, Rebecca (I3043)
177 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Abraham (I3048)
178 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Sweitzer, Jacob (I3106)
179 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Margaretha (I3109)
180 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Worman, Henry (I3110)
181 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Worman, Noah (I3111)
182 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Worman, Henry (I3112)
183 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Anna Catharina (I3113)
184 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Anna Maria (I3115)
185 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Wall, Samuel (I3117)
186 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Wall, Peter (I3118)
187 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Sara (I3119)
188 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Andreas (I3120)
189 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Langel, Christina (I3121)
190 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Israel (I3122)
191 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Mary (I3123)
192 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Jane (I3124)
193 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, John (I3125)
194 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Sarah (I3126)
195 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Jacob (I3127)
196 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Israel (I3128)
197 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, John (I3129)
198 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Daniel (I3130)
199 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, Andrew (I3131)
200 >LDS Baptism note: LIVE Brinker, David (I3132)

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