Serventi, Zumstein, Sanker, Sterrett and related Family Histories

This website will provide some of the genealogical information for the extended families of William and Henrietta Serventi.

There is a bit of narrative history on several of the family lines and individuals as well as maps, pictures of people and places and copies of interesting information and events.

Please search for individuals using the links and tools on this page. You will find family lines (Zumstein, Sanker, Sterrett, Brinker, Guthrie, Frampton,among others) that pre-date the American Revolution. Many of these ancestors fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Numerous families are traced to various countries in Europe and Africa.

You should be able to browse individuals without registering. If you register I should be able to give you permission to add information for individuals and see information for others not available on the public site. Be sure to tell me how you are related to us. Suggested additions and changes are welcome.

Thank you and enjoy!

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